planning paris!

So this summer I am lucky enough to be travelling to Koh Samui, England, London and Scotland. I must say the party and relaxing atmosphere of koh samui sounds amazing, especially because it is my graduation trip just after i finish school and i’ll be going with everyone who is graduating pretty much, but the trip i am most excited for is…. PARIS! although i’ve already been (with my family might i just add) this time i’m going for 5 short but just enough days with one of my closest friends. i truly think the experience will be so different this time around, i can’t wait to appreciate the food, intense culture, fabulous fashion and so much more that paris has to offer!

i cannot wait to go to paris and appreciate more the lifestyle of people there. i’ve been once and went to all the basic tourist places so this time i want to live my life and enjoy it while there. i want to focus on fashion and living life to my version of extreme happiness. taking photos, enjoying moments, eating decadent food, being creative with anything. and although it sounds like the typical ‘fashionista’, i want to look chic, fashionable, minimalist and yet daring and just fabulous HAHA!

through sites like tumblr and pinterest, i’ve gathered some ‘inspiration’ and am going to plan some outfits (the last thing you want is to be unprepared in a city you don’t know well, especially such a expensive city like paris :O ) with relevance to some of these photos! bear in mind, this will be like 10 out of hundreds!

1. stipes! i’ve suddenly fell in love with stripes! striped baggy tops with jeans or the perfect striped dress (something i’m really wanting but can’t seem to find). and for some reason stripes just screams european fashion to me! or a cropped tight striped shirt with some high waisted bottoms and a cover up! to die for!

2. patterned coats! although could lead to discomfort due to being hot (can overcome this by tying it around your waist which can be cute), having a simple outfit based on neutral colours and letting the jacket/coat be the main focus can look so good. common items like plaid/floral are good, also a new trend: kimonos, are so popular in the fashion industry right now.

^absolutely love! reminds me of cher from the movie clueless!

3. casual yet chic! outifts which are made from wardrobe essentials but pair together gorgeously! dressed up really well by a plain black pair of stilettos but would still look great with simple black books or any flats!


now when i actually get to and are in paris, i will be blogging NON stop! okay well maybe noting down things and blogging later when i’m not experiencing it in the moment 😉 and will for sure be sharing it with the lovely wordpress community, till then –

much love, amber. xo



the travelling throwback!

so, these past few weeks (and next upcoming too) have really made me miss summer and the feelings of freedom and serenity it brings with it. being locked up at home and just dreading the next weeks where i have to go through the IB exams i can’t wait to get away. and with my upcoming koh samui trip and trip to the UK and paris, i CANNOT wait to travel again!

last summer i went to greece for about three weeks and i ABSOLUTELY loved it, and i simply cannot emphasis enough my recommendations for you to travel to greece and experience the amazing culture, gorgeous scenery, amazing beaches, and also spectacular food. in greece i stayed in the obvious, athens for around 5 days and did all the basic tourist things – i then travelled to the gorgeous island of paros for less than a week and then finally off to mykonos for another few days/a week ish. athens was all about the tourist go to things, paros was about the calm cultural more ‘holiday’ feel while just exploring different places, and mykonos was again the calm lounging by the pool the day and then hitting the night scene of mykonos and enjoying the crazy party life it has to offer !

here are some photos from athens to show you!

in front of the truly incredible acropolis! and the crazy view from the top of it, the intense density of the urban areas was truly the most spectacular view i have seen! these two panoramas below can barely show the amazement of it.

i was lucky enough to be able to stay in such an amazing hotel which had a roof garden with two jacuzzis which so happened to face the parthenon and allow this to be my gorgeous view. as you can see at the top is the acropolis.


next up is paros! i stayed in these gorgeous white villa kinda buildings, very grecian style! just a 15 minute walk into the town made it close but yet not too close to the busy areas. paros was truly amazing, the more authentic feel it had was so great to experience.


lastly, but certainly not least, was mykonos! i think my favourite place just because i’m young enough to enjoy the city and night life but still enjoy the beautiful scenery and gorgeous beaches along with great food and culture.


i’m sorry if this wasn’t very detailed haha! i just was looking through some of my greece holiday photos and fell in love all over again so wanted to share some of my many photos! i hope you enjoyed and see some the beauty of greece, i truly advise you to go there for your next holiday.


much love, amber. xo

the indescribable feeling of love

something i love to do is writing about my feelings, my thoughts. the trials, and often unsuccessful trials, to capture the ephemeral moments and convey them from how i feel in that brief and beautiful moment onto paper and pen, or in this case online hahah. but yeah, i’ve written things on my personal tumblr but for once i want to write and possibly share it with the writing community, more of a piece of work then a diary style post. so, to whoever is reading this, i hope you enjoy and i hope there are moments which you can relate to.

the indescribable feeling of love. not only the feeling but the moments, the actions, the whole thing of it. the ability to feel so at peace with the person you are when with someone you love, knowing that they bring out the best in you and they love the parts of you which you might not. the ability to forget about the rest of the world and your other problems because it feels like that is your world. that that moment, sitting-cuddling-not doing anything, feels like its the most important thing and you would do anything for it to last a life time. now before anyone thinks, she’s just a young girl in love, she doesn’t know what its really like. its not all that great. you have to let the fears of heartbreak, fears of letting go, the fears of falling too hard. and just let them go. don’t think about what you could lose, and just let whatever is going to happen, happen. because love, the greatest and yet the worst thing the world has to offer, will bring you pain and will bring you suffering – but it will bring you happiness, joy, extreme pleasure and glee. and that’s something you have to take a risk for because you never know the benefits it will bring.

now, love, for me. although only been in it once, still am and enjoying it like nothing ever before. its truly been a hell of a ride. never thinking i would fall so quickly and deeply in something which feels so right, it was more scary out of anything. and yet i’m letting my fear of the unknown and the fear of my crazy overwhelming feelings slowly fade away. i’m scared to love too hard, or love too much – in the fear that it seems over needed or crazy.


but, to that one person, and you know who you are (this isn’t just for me but to everyone in love with someone) – the love i have for you, not matter how small or how little, is something which makes me the happiest and luckiest person in the world. the ability i have to share experiences on such a different level than just friends or family is truly something to take advantage of. those quiet and serene moments where i truly appreciate sharing my moments and life with you are so special to me. i don’t know where i’m going with this, i don’t even know where i wanted to go with it or what i wanted it to be. but trying to explain these feelings, these feelings of letting someone into your life and heart, knowing that the feelings you have for them are so unique and hopefully returned back to you – can’t be explained. but only felt, and to my love – you make me feel crazy in love.



beach inspiration

so i really haven’t been doing much since i’ve been home, trying to, revise for my up and coming exams! and i really want this blog to stay up so although i’m not going to be posting about things directly relevant to the daily happenings of my life i will be blogging about trends/fashion/interior design/art and crafts/inspiration and so on! like my previous festival fashion inspiration post, this post is going to be kind of similar, when i’m not having much stuff to blog about i’ll use online or things i’ve seen to blog about instead… if that makes sense which i hope it does.

anyways, today my inspiration is beach houses! i’m getting so excited for summer and i’ve always craved to live in a beach house, at least have one somewhere to be able to live in during the holidays and maybe rent out when i’m not using it, seems to me like a great investment 😉


so, part a – the exterior!

there are two ways you could do up a beach house,

1. the traditional, rustic, slightly run down but still gorgeous old and more naturally resourced exterior! the cool colour accents of the house fit perfectly with the atmosphere and scenery. the natural aspects which are incorporated with materials and slowly fade into with the actual characteristics of the natural world like the sand of the beach.

2. or the modern, and much more high tech and minimalistic design. i can’t quite decide which one i like better, the modern vibe, although gorgeous and absolutely to die for – seems like too much effort to keep up. it feels as if i was to live in one it would always have to be perfect and i wouldn’t be able to let loose and actually live in the house. but trust me, i am drooling over them.


now, beach houses utter simplicity and ease of life. with their calm and simple exteriors (sometimes) and also interiors. the thing i  love about beach houses is the open plan and the incorporation of the natural world. small incorporations of wood, shells, glass and so much more, so here below are some of my favourite photos of interiors of beach houses.

now i know this has been a crazy amount of photos but i simply couldn’t choose! but anyway, i hope you enjoyed and possibly found some inspiration as did i.

amber, xo.

my festival fashion!

inspired by my last post about festival fashion i thought i would post some photos of my own personal festival fashion! hong kong has got one annual music festival (been going on for three years now), which goes on for three days in december! its called clockenflap and its an art / cultural / music festival on the harbour side so not only is the atmosphere, music, food, alcohol but also the surrounding area absolutelyyy amazing!!!

for clockenflap i wore three outfits,

1. friday, a late afternoon / night event so opted for leggings and a semi cropped maroon knitted sweater! really easy and casual, also good for the cold! i did wear a red chiffon tank under so that if it got hot in the crowds i would be prepared! i paired it with my classic hunter wellies! which i don’t have any great photos offff

2. saturday! since saturday was a whole day i wanted to kinda dress it up more! I wore a grey (kinda t-shirt dress but not really) dress and again my hunters with knee high socks! I have this super baggy cream knit batwing sweater so had that with me, its good because its light and doesn’t get too hot but keeps you just warm enough! the main part of my outfit though was my incredibly cute head chain! a daisy head chain which went all around my head and down the middle too, it was a bit out of my comfort zone and got quite a few comments on it (mostly positive) but i looove it! i’m so into head and body chains now and want to get more into them!















– 3. sunday, another full day but didn’t go all out! wore a cream knitted tank tucked into high waisted black river island jeans and doc martens! i love the photo of me trying to skateboard, it really shows some of the atmosphere at clockenflap, the workers all ride around in bikes and skateboards, like i said its an art and music festival, theres so much too it especially for small hong kong!



















so thats it for my outfits! under i’m going to post some photos of the site where it is, but i assure it photos and words cannot do it justice!

the second festival, new last year, blohk party was incredible too! in the same place as clockenflap and the weekend after really made december such an eventful and crazy fun month! for its first year blohk party was simply incredibly! they had pharrell williams, pusha t and so many more incredibly rap and hip hop artists! it truly was all so great and i CANNOT wait for this years!


i’m sorry for sooo many photos! i simply couldnt choose :’)

hope you enjoyed, a. xo

festival fashion!

seeming as coachella is this weekend, and let me just say how incredibly jealous i am of everyone going, i thought i would do a festival inspired fashion post! i love the ‘in the moment’, joyous, effervescent atmosphere. how everyone at a music festival, no matter their individual problems and issues, let go and enjoy the calming or the crazy, the packed density of the people who have all come together to enjoy one thing, the music and the celebration of anything one wants.


see this is something i love, you can see their happiness and enjoyment radiating off them, especially the gorgeous alessandra in the middle! a common (and smart) trend for festival is boots! not only do they let you walk around comfortable and don’t really matter about kicking around in, they can bring in a touch of neatness and chicness to your outfit! a small heeled pair of above ankle boots can spice up any outfit while still making you look chillaaxed!

a celeb we surely can’t ignore is the gorgeous vanessa hudgens! her edgy but yet still bohemian and chic style fits perfectly for festivals! she isn’t afraid to dress daringly and yet she still pulls it off as being serene and truthfully just perfect! while she isn’t wearing much in the above photos its a perfect combination, the pure and flowy whites contrasted to the dark and rough leather work together like bread and butter. and we can’t ignore her tousled beach waves and incorporation of colour through her burgundy shades and flower head band!

here are some final photos of some outfits i loved!


now if i was attending a music festival or coachella heres some items / trends i would want to try out:

– a white shift dress with a slightly metallic threaded scarf

– chealsea boots

– a massive floppy sun hat

– a kimono

– baggy leather shorts



– a clear clutch

– a two piece black dress with plaid or other printed cardigan tied around waist

– fringed bag


hope you enjoyed, a. xx 




four months with ferg

so today was my fourth month anniversary with my lovely boyf j.ferg. we met up and went for a yummy mid afternoon lunch at burgerroom! a small cafe which sells a variety of burgers, salads and chips! was quite yummy to be honest, I just got cheese twist fries and jack got a bacon cheeseburger and fries as seen in the photo below!

i also bought him some yummy cupcakes for sift, red velvet and oreo! i forgot to take photos in the shop so I have a photo of the bag.

lastly is a quick photo of what I wore (although it’s such a bad photo thought this post was quite empty)! I wore hunters with leggings to suit the rain with a white vest and a large denim shirt!