supper club, aka, food sent from angels

so there’s a little cafe/restaurant in causeway bay which is called the supper club and is absolutely heavenly. it serves mainly breakfast meals and some other main courses, I go plainly for their breakfasts. and I thought I would share a bit with the public, & to any hong kongers I definitely advise you to check it out. not only am I sharing with you the delightfulness of the food but also the cute decor of the cafe which makes it THAT much more unique and also the outfit I wore today! hope you enjoy!

So here is the cafe, in the busy and modern streets of causeway bay it’s got a unique and old feel to it with it’s warm toned colour scheme and mixed textures all over the cafe as next shown!




and here are some photos of the GORGEOUS waffles which i had (along with an egg omelette…). They were belgian waffles with banana, melted chocolate and vanilla ice cream… they were truly DEEEELICIOUS.


Here are a few photos showing my outfit! I wanted to have a causal but still yet chic outfit, also with the cool weather but humidity I didn’t want to be fully covered but still wanted something to be able to keep me warm, so this slouchy batwing cardigan was the perfect choice! Pairing a cream hard edge but flowy tank with denim shorts, then with this gorgeous (let me just emphasis how in LOVE I am with this cardigan, purchased from zara) cream knitted cardigan with golden sequins joined all around it!! Finally to finish the look I wore heeled cut out black boots from top shop, a navy and cream bag from accessorise and a few of my normal accessories!









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