my festival fashion!

inspired by my last post about festival fashion i thought i would post some photos of my own personal festival fashion! hong kong has got one annual music festival (been going on for three years now), which goes on for three days in december! its called clockenflap and its an art / cultural / music festival on the harbour side so not only is the atmosphere, music, food, alcohol but also the surrounding area absolutelyyy amazing!!!

for clockenflap i wore three outfits,

1. friday, a late afternoon / night event so opted for leggings and a semi cropped maroon knitted sweater! really easy and casual, also good for the cold! i did wear a red chiffon tank under so that if it got hot in the crowds i would be prepared! i paired it with my classic hunter wellies! which i don’t have any great photos offff

2. saturday! since saturday was a whole day i wanted to kinda dress it up more! I wore a grey (kinda t-shirt dress but not really) dress and again my hunters with knee high socks! I have this super baggy cream knit batwing sweater so had that with me, its good because its light and doesn’t get too hot but keeps you just warm enough! the main part of my outfit though was my incredibly cute head chain! a daisy head chain which went all around my head and down the middle too, it was a bit out of my comfort zone and got quite a few comments on it (mostly positive) but i looove it! i’m so into head and body chains now and want to get more into them!















– 3. sunday, another full day but didn’t go all out! wore a cream knitted tank tucked into high waisted black river island jeans and doc martens! i love the photo of me trying to skateboard, it really shows some of the atmosphere at clockenflap, the workers all ride around in bikes and skateboards, like i said its an art and music festival, theres so much too it especially for small hong kong!



















so thats it for my outfits! under i’m going to post some photos of the site where it is, but i assure it photos and words cannot do it justice!

the second festival, new last year, blohk party was incredible too! in the same place as clockenflap and the weekend after really made december such an eventful and crazy fun month! for its first year blohk party was simply incredibly! they had pharrell williams, pusha t and so many more incredibly rap and hip hop artists! it truly was all so great and i CANNOT wait for this years!


i’m sorry for sooo many photos! i simply couldnt choose :’)

hope you enjoyed, a. xo


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