the travelling throwback!

so, these past few weeks (and next upcoming too) have really made me miss summer and the feelings of freedom and serenity it brings with it. being locked up at home and just dreading the next weeks where i have to go through the IB exams i can’t wait to get away. and with my upcoming koh samui trip and trip to the UK and paris, i CANNOT wait to travel again!

last summer i went to greece for about three weeks and i ABSOLUTELY loved it, and i simply cannot emphasis enough my recommendations for you to travel to greece and experience the amazing culture, gorgeous scenery, amazing beaches, and also spectacular food. in greece i stayed in the obvious, athens for around 5 days and did all the basic tourist things – i then travelled to the gorgeous island of paros for less than a week and then finally off to mykonos for another few days/a week ish. athens was all about the tourist go to things, paros was about the calm cultural more ‘holiday’ feel while just exploring different places, and mykonos was again the calm lounging by the pool the day and then hitting the night scene of mykonos and enjoying the crazy party life it has to offer !

here are some photos from athens to show you!

in front of the truly incredible acropolis! and the crazy view from the top of it, the intense density of the urban areas was truly the most spectacular view i have seen! these two panoramas below can barely show the amazement of it.

i was lucky enough to be able to stay in such an amazing hotel which had a roof garden with two jacuzzis which so happened to face the parthenon and allow this to be my gorgeous view. as you can see at the top is the acropolis.


next up is paros! i stayed in these gorgeous white villa kinda buildings, very grecian style! just a 15 minute walk into the town made it close but yet not too close to the busy areas. paros was truly amazing, the more authentic feel it had was so great to experience.


lastly, but certainly not least, was mykonos! i think my favourite place just because i’m young enough to enjoy the city and night life but still enjoy the beautiful scenery and gorgeous beaches along with great food and culture.


i’m sorry if this wasn’t very detailed haha! i just was looking through some of my greece holiday photos and fell in love all over again so wanted to share some of my many photos! i hope you enjoyed and see some the beauty of greece, i truly advise you to go there for your next holiday.


much love, amber. xo


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