planning paris!

So this summer I am lucky enough to be travelling to Koh Samui, England, London and Scotland. I must say the party and relaxing atmosphere of koh samui sounds amazing, especially because it is my graduation trip just after i finish school and i’ll be going with everyone who is graduating pretty much, but the trip i am most excited for is…. PARIS! although i’ve already been (with my family might i just add) this time i’m going for 5 short but just enough days with one of my closest friends. i truly think the experience will be so different this time around, i can’t wait to appreciate the food, intense culture, fabulous fashion and so much more that paris has to offer!

i cannot wait to go to paris and appreciate more the lifestyle of people there. i’ve been once and went to all the basic tourist places so this time i want to live my life and enjoy it while there. i want to focus on fashion and living life to my version of extreme happiness. taking photos, enjoying moments, eating decadent food, being creative with anything. and although it sounds like the typical ‘fashionista’, i want to look chic, fashionable, minimalist and yet daring and just fabulous HAHA!

through sites like tumblr and pinterest, i’ve gathered some ‘inspiration’ and am going to plan some outfits (the last thing you want is to be unprepared in a city you don’t know well, especially such a expensive city like paris :O ) with relevance to some of these photos! bear in mind, this will be like 10 out of hundreds!

1. stipes! i’ve suddenly fell in love with stripes! striped baggy tops with jeans or the perfect striped dress (something i’m really wanting but can’t seem to find). and for some reason stripes just screams european fashion to me! or a cropped tight striped shirt with some high waisted bottoms and a cover up! to die for!

2. patterned coats! although could lead to discomfort due to being hot (can overcome this by tying it around your waist which can be cute), having a simple outfit based on neutral colours and letting the jacket/coat be the main focus can look so good. common items like plaid/floral are good, also a new trend: kimonos, are so popular in the fashion industry right now.

^absolutely love! reminds me of cher from the movie clueless!

3. casual yet chic! outifts which are made from wardrobe essentials but pair together gorgeously! dressed up really well by a plain black pair of stilettos but would still look great with simple black books or any flats!


now when i actually get to and are in paris, i will be blogging NON stop! okay well maybe noting down things and blogging later when i’m not experiencing it in the moment 😉 and will for sure be sharing it with the lovely wordpress community, till then –

much love, amber. xo



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