end of era

so, its over… high school isĀ officially over.

and i have yet to let this truly sink in. being at the same school, sha tin junior then sha tin college, from years 1 to 13 has been a complete and utter whirlwind. now with it leaving me in a matter of days is something that is so amazing but yet so nerve racking. school has been a routine for me, an obligation as such, something to wake up to every day and have to go no matter how much my bed was calling me back ( which was a lot let me just say ). and now, having finished my IB exams and having graduation tomorrow and then finally prom as the last event, its all going away. i have no more school. no more work. no more stress. no more rude teachers. no more fake friends. no more last minute cramming. no more. also, taking a gap year makes next year so much easier, i don’t quite have to feel the stress of university just yet which is so great.

everyone complains about high school, and how they hate it. how its too stressful, how its pointless, how they can’t wait for it to be over. and yes, i did too, a fair share i’ll be honest. but yet, nothing could prepare me to how i feel now that its ended. i can’t quite believe that its done, its a massive milestone for me. i’ve been in two schools my whole life, each one right opposite each other, 12/13 years at the same place makes it a place for so many god damn memories, both good and bad. school has truly evolved me as a person and i will never forget my life at sha tin. above is a photo taken of my form group two years ago, when i left school for my gcses. god, how easy those were compared to the extreme IB course.

above is a photo of my ‘group’, a ‘clique’ so to say. we were called the lunchies, just because every day we would all be together at the same place having lunch HAHAH, how creative. i can’t believe this photo was only taken in october 2013, it seems yeeears ago, not just less than one year ago.

a group shot of the few school friends i travelled to hawaii with for a brief week as part of a school trip. it is one of the biggest highlights of my school life. we learnt to surf, ate the amazing hawaii and american food, saw such breathtaking scenic places and played around in the most gorgeous beaches i’ve ever been too.

a photo from my last full week of school before i left on exam leave. as a school tradition we take the 5 days and make a theme for dress up for the entire year to participate in. this was the time periods day and along with some friends I did an 80s style dress up and it was one of the most fun days ever.


i think thats it. school is officially over, and i can’t explain how i feel. some what lost but yet excited for everything to start unfolding. school was a place for me to learn and get taught what is seen as essential in life. and now i have been tested and waiting for the marks for my academic success, so i have to get on with life, something school can’t teach you as much as they think they do. and although that scared me beyond belief, i can’t wait to start living life without the constant pressure of education.

good bye high school,



Mother’s Day!

To all the mothers out there, well done for being so incredibly you and being so perfectly motherly!

A little word about my mother; she truly is the most fantastic woman I know. From starting her own business and getting great recognition for her brilliant knowledge about animals, to raising me better then I could ever imagine, to being the most kind, caring, generous, loving woman I know. Mum, your endless love and hope never ceases to amaze me & I truly mean it when I say I could ask for no one better and wish to raise my children and be as much as a motherly and inspiration role to them as you are to me.

Now, to mothers around the world. Although you should be loved and appreciated everyday, for today bask in your pride. You are truly amazing woman who have achieved so much. Your long pain and suffering to raise a child, from the very first day and never ending, so they can live a life like or better than yours is something which is so selfless as inspiring. Mothers have the moral ability to want more then the best for their children and would do nearly anything to give it to them. Mothers, your never ending support, love, care, joy, pride, happiness, and so much more is so spectacular and one of the most beautiful things to see and experience.

Now to all the kids, remember the pain your mother went through. Not only those 9 months of carrying you but through your entire life. Thank Your mums for everything because without them, you would be nothing.

And to all the dads.. I guess you guys are alright too. šŸ˜‰








to all those who follow me (even the few that number is hehe, but all the same doesn’t matter) – i have now started my final IB exams and will go on till may 22nd, because of this i’m not going to be posting much at all. maybe once a week or every two weeks instead of previously when i would post once or twice every week! i’m truly sorry and i hope you can forgive me!

until then here are some lovely photos of some food for you to feast your eyes upon! luckily i put in some time to also put the links so if you want to make these scrumptious treats the recipes are also given :’)

much love, amber. xo


Soft Pretzel!Ā 



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