Mother’s Day!

To all the mothers out there, well done for being so incredibly you and being so perfectly motherly!

A little word about my mother; she truly is the most fantastic woman I know. From starting her own business and getting great recognition for her brilliant knowledge about animals, to raising me better then I could ever imagine, to being the most kind, caring, generous, loving woman I know. Mum, your endless love and hope never ceases to amaze me & I truly mean it when I say I could ask for no one better and wish to raise my children and be as much as a motherly and inspiration role to them as you are to me.

Now, to mothers around the world. Although you should be loved and appreciated everyday, for today bask in your pride. You are truly amazing woman who have achieved so much. Your long pain and suffering to raise a child, from the very first day and never ending, so they can live a life like or better than yours is something which is so selfless as inspiring. Mothers have the moral ability to want more then the best for their children and would do nearly anything to give it to them. Mothers, your never ending support, love, care, joy, pride, happiness, and so much more is so spectacular and one of the most beautiful things to see and experience.

Now to all the kids, remember the pain your mother went through. Not only those 9 months of carrying you but through your entire life. Thank Your mums for everything because without them, you would be nothing.

And to all the dads.. I guess you guys are alright too. 😉








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