wowow, prom was spectacular! although it whizzed by so fast, and it felt like i barely saw or talked to anyone, it was one of the most fun nights this whole year! everyone looked and felt amazing, its the last time the whole year is going to be together and i think it was such an amazing way to end our whole high school experience. i wanted to share some photos of my experience and also some details of my prom outfit and all that! hope you enjoy!

for the year 13 prom i wanted a dress that was mature and yet still dazzling! I for sure wanted a floor length one because how often can you pull off a ball gown right ladies?! initially i wanted one with lace or mesh inserts which would allow for skin to show but still look absolutely gorgeous (many elie saab inspirations). in the end, i opted for a gorgeous dress which is decked out in sequins and gorgeousness! the dress was in two parts in a sense, from my shoulders down to my knees was the part covered in sequins and embellishments ranging from gold to pink to bronze to pale silver to ivory and so much more! the dress sparkles in the light and it also has mesh inserts through the waist and around the back. the second part is the lower legs, from the knees below there is a triangular cut which stopped the busy sequins to flow to a more calm yet sophisticated pale warm pink chiffon layer (along with a soft cotton/silky petticoat kinda layer under! trying to describe it isn’t working out as i planned so here are some photos! 

my school supplied us with a photo booth which made the night so much fun! i ended up taking a few sets of photos, everyone with loads of candid shots which i love! its such a cute way to remember the night, moments and your friendships!

with my gorgeous date, he truly outdid himself and bought me the most gorgeous bouquet of off white, light pink roses which looked perfect with my dress, AND a beautiful two white rose corsage! i truly felt like a princess living her dream! and doesn’t he look like my dashing prince in his suit and bow tie? 😉

some close up details of my dress, you can see the intricate sequins and the design of the dress a bit more! oh and the beautiful flowers too!!

the dress was a little too big for me but i didn’t know how i could get it smaller considering the material and delicity of it! but i think it went alright even though slightly too big. i paired it with nude ballet flats from maud frizon, and a gold clutch! i wanted to wear heels but the length of the dress was too short to allow me to wear heels!

last photo! anyway, prom was fantastic!

i hope yours all went well,

amber. xo


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