my koh samui experience.

a true whirlwind; thats the only way i can explain my experience of grad tripping in koh samui. the small tropical island of the mainland of thailand, koh samui is known – rather infamously –  for its unsafeness, high levels of drugs and alcohol, high risk, continuous accidents, partying and crazy atmosphere. its where thousands go every month (especially during summer) to experience the full moon party and the nightlife of koh samui. and so naturally, its where i went to celebrate my high school graduation.

going to koh samui at a mere age of 17 and a small group of close friends from my own school was quite scary i must admit. we hear stories every year of rape, murders, accidents, aids and so much more happening on that crazy island. but we also hear stories of incredible times, memories that will never be forgotten, and friendships which become stronger. its truly a way to celebrate finishing school.

heading to ks i had no true idea of what to expect, i know from my sister of the cool atmosphere and how you can party and not need to really care at all! i was so excited to spend days lounging by the pool or sea and then go out and party! when i did go out, my was it a difference to hong kong! ks’ legal drinking age is 20. and its safe to say NO ONE cared about that at all, it pretty evident that the laws there aren’t really laws. in hong kong its really strict when we go out, we get forced into dressing well and looking our best (forced for society one could say). but in koh samui, you can rock up in a tank top, shorts and flip flops and still have an incredible time. and although i didn’t know what to expect, my holiday was EVERYTHING i did NOT expect (or want) to happen.

i ended up falling sick, it started from food poisoning (i think) and developed into a bacterial infection in my guts. even that doesn’t sound pleasant. but starting from my second night in koh samui, i started to get sick. having crazy painful cramps just before we went out caused my first night out to not be so great. and then being forcefully woken up by my turning stomach (at least it let me experience the crazy sunrise in the next photo) at an early 6am and continuously being sick until the later afternoon until finally i got charged into the emergency room of the thai international hospital. i ended up staying the night at the hospital and was discharged the next day, but i still felt so under the weather. unluckily for me, full moon (the biggest night out) was the night after i left the hospital. i truly hate that i got sick because for the next 3-5 days of being out of hospital i continually felt nauseous and pained and it really affected my holiday.

but i wasn’t going to let my sickness ruin everything, yes i had a few days and nights feeling like utter crap. but i managed to pick myself up and enjoy my short time there. we had a day when we went atv-ing, elephant riding, zip lining and went to a waterfall. that was truly amazing! and on my last full night i went out. and i mean, out out. i got to the main party area at around 12:30, and started dancing there and then! i didn’t stop until 5:30 – 6, after which i went to chaweng beach and watched the sunrise. along with a whole group of other hk people, that was the perfect way to end my holiday. being a party girl, i wanted to go to ks and party my ass off. i had around 4 nights of going out, which were incredibly fun don’t get me wrong, but i either felt sick or left early. and so, having one full on crazy night out led me to being so happy with how the trip turned out.

its quite a life lesson i learnt while being on my grad trip. there will always be things that you can’t control which will happen to you when you least want them, and no matter how much they ruin and upset things for you – you just have to be strong and accept the good for the good and the bad for the bad. being sick absolutely RUINED my holiday for me. and yet, looking back at it again now and writing about it – theres so many things i’m grateful for and had the most fun with. and so all in all, nothing truly was ruined. i just had some bad luck.

and so, until next time koh samui. you were fabulous.

amber xx.


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