parisian love

paris. The city of love. City of romance. Lights. Food. Culture. Fashion. Art. The city I fell in love with, again.

I travelled to Paris just less than two weeks ago, for my second time, for five short days. I went with one of my greatest school friends; Kristy and I, together ventured off to the city of Paris – along with our near to none knowledge of the language or geography of the city for that matter.

Five short days in Paris, but that’s enough. Enough to make you fall in love with the architecture of the delicate blend between old and modern, the rustic balconies and beautiful flowers. The sweet blends of chocolate macaroons, or the fruity tang of a raspberry tart. Aromatic smells from street stores selling chocolate crepes, deliciously made right in front of your eyes. The continual historical and artistic monuments which never cease to amaze you. Or even the gardens with statues you don’t quite know about but still are spectacular.


For our five days, we obviously wanted to experience all the tourist destinations. On our first day we caught the metro into central Paris and saw the arc de triomphe, walked down champs élysées until we got to the louvre. Walking through a garden, don’t know the name, and again past beautiful buildings which must have had loads of historical context behind them. It was a perfect day.

The next we visited the Eiffel Tower, the extremely tall statue (meaning loads of stairs). We off course went up, choosing to take the stairs for a better and more unique experience and started our journey to the second floor. Which allowed us to see beautiful views of the entire city of Paris. It was glorious.


Finally on our last full day, my boyfriend joined us for a short but sweet day in the city of love. It was everything I could have asked for and more. Experiencing and sharing moments under the Eiffel Tower at sunset, then walking up it together late at night and seeing the glistening city of Paris illuminated by thousands of lights. Sitting under the tower while we watched it twinkle at mind night. And although now illegal, doing the love bridge tradition of putting the padlock on the bridge and throwing the key into the river. It’s a day I treasure more than many and truly will never forget.






For those still reading, I highly recommend you to go to Paris. With family, friends or a loved one. It will be a trip which will not disappoint and will stay with you forever.

For now, amber. xx>


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