missing someone

i wrote this in a moment of missing my best friend. not just my best friend but my other half, my soulmate. it’s a lot more personal then I’ve ever shown here, i wrote it on my personal tumblr and suddenly feel like sharing it, for maybe some others will read it and find some truth and relevance for themselves.

missing you. it’s one of the hardest things to cope with. and i truly struggle sometimes because you make my world better in so many ways. it’s scary to think that i turn to you so much to make it all better, but i do. and i’m okay with that, because you do it so seamlessly and so perfectly that it feels so right.

days without you go along as normal, for some time that is. and then a wave crashes before me, a wave so powerful that it brings me to a longing to be by your side with a passion so strong it could reach the stars. days without you are normal, unaccompanied by the thousands of breaths of laughter that light up my face and eyes with the love and joy you bring to me. the sparkle of my smile, caused unquestionably by you, is what you say to love. but what i love, is the ease you have to make me enjoy, the never ending comfort you supply to me, the feeling of safety and being at home, the emotional well being of being constantly more than just content. you make me feel in love; in love with you, in love with myself and my life. because i love who I am with you, and i love how i live when you’re around.

and when you’re not, then that’s just a different story. and i can’t wait to be in love again.



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