summer fashion i’m craving to try

with my summer travels over and my long summer stretching into my gap year starting, i’m getting more passionate about fashion and really want to dive into the world of style. while i want to try out so many new fashion trends and inspirations i need to work on my confidence because i find it hard to venture out of my own safety box in fears of being judged. but i know this is silly and i should do anything i want, and so i’m going to show some fashion trends and styles which i’m dying to try out soon, and until then i will merely write and post photos about them.


1. lace bralettes.

lace bralettes are in one word; gorgeous. the delicate material of lace draws intimacy and yet chic-ness to outfits. while i don’t agree with wearing them only, i think wearing a lace bralette under a loose tank, or a backless tank top and so on can be so pretty. its also a way to keep cool because they are so light and airy. you can explore creativeness with lace bralettes too, the beauty of lace will enhance with your body and look utterly stunning.


2. body chains

although rather sexy, body chains can be worn in innocent forms or also in ways to draw attention to the body parts you want to accentuate. over clothes or under, body chains are a simple way to spice up outfits with jewels and thin delicate chains. not only do i love body chains but also head pieces, almost like crowns, beautiful jewels hanging down upon your hair can make you look like a goddess! body chains with bikinis are gorgeous and really make a summer vibe. use colours that compliment your skin tone!


3. dungarees / overalls

the playful and casual fashion trend of overalls is normally kinda hated or loved by society. some see it as try hard farm attire, i personally think its an adapted trend which can now be made fashionable if styled right. its something i really want but find so hard to find a perfect set. living in hong kong theres so many chinese fashion shops which sell such good clothing pieces, but then ruin them with things like star studs, or american flags stitched on, or too many ugly rips or ‘acid stains’ which aren’t fashionably done but instead ruin the piece. and so, i’m not scared to try this look but instead searching for the perfect one!


now i know thats only three trends but they are still trends i want to try, even though i’ve got many more i thought this was enough for now!

if you’ve got any trends you want to try i would love to see them and possibly get inspired too!

much love, amber. xx


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