transient moments

some people live life, while others truly experience it. whatever you do, if its just rolling by or if its taking a serious route to live the life you want and love, there are moments. moments which make you feel happy, in love, gratified, sorrowful, ecstatic, anxious or feel things you’ve never felt before. and thats life.

we live for the moments that make us look back and reflect. reflect on what has become, what has changed, what is going to happen. these transient moments which have the ability to feel so insignificant in the moment, but in actual fact; change your life.

irrevocable decisions and choices from your past which lead you to be the person you are today, make up who you are. thousands of small moments, all intertwined together to create a seemingly collected solar system. where the smaller, apparently random memories gravitate around major moments of your life stepping stones.

each moment colliding with others, interchanging and revolving around each other.

‘life’ is stated as being ‘the existence of an individual human being or animal.’ i think its more than that. its the continuous living, where life seems simple, and then unexpectedly a moment happens. whether its when you get your dream job, or you read a sad book and cry for hours, or you try on the perfect dress that makes you feel like a million dollars. moments that stand out.

its spectacular to think, how the brain keeps you living. it provides you with all the necessary nerves and abilities to control muscles and everything else it does. and yet it thinks and feels. it remembers things which have obviously stuck to you for a deeper reason. it has the ability to hold onto certain things, then one day you’re thinking back upon everything you’ve ever done and ever achieved and you suddenly remember that one day back in secondary school when you tripped in the corridor, or when you were walking through the arrival halls in the airport. and it takes you by chance and surprises you. because life is so much more than you imagine, theres days which seem so ordinary and uneventful, but one day you will have a memory from it, and it will surprise you to remember how you felt in that moment. temporariness.

then theres the moments that you remember for no apparent reason. such as finding a coin on the floor, or having a coffee, or even a specific bus ride. things you never think would shape who you have become and have become a part of you. but they have.


and thats something which i find breathtaking. that we are all on this road we call life, where we take it day by day and try to hope for the best. and while sometimes things don’t seem all that important, you never know what you’re going to remember in a month, or a year, or ten years. or never remember. and its life, you can’t try to remember everything, but take what you recall as being special and enjoy the reminiscence.


amber. xx



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