beach inspiration

so i really haven’t been doing much since i’ve been home,Ā trying to, revise for my up and coming exams! and i really want this blog to stay up so although i’m not going to be posting about things directly relevant to the daily happenings of my life i will be blogging about trends/fashion/interior design/art and crafts/inspiration and so on! like my previous festival fashion inspiration post, this post is going to be kind of similar, when i’m not having much stuff to blog about i’ll use online or things i’ve seen to blog about instead… if that makes sense which i hope it does.

anyways, today my inspiration is beach houses! i’m getting so excited for summer and i’ve always craved to live in a beach house, at least have one somewhere to be able to live in during the holidays and maybe rent out when i’m not using it, seems to me like a great investment šŸ˜‰


so, part a – the exterior!

there are two ways you could do up a beach house,

1. the traditional, rustic, slightly run down but still gorgeous old and more naturally resourced exterior! the cool colour accents of the house fit perfectly with the atmosphere and scenery. the natural aspects which are incorporated with materials and slowly fade into with the actual characteristics of the natural world like the sand of the beach.

2. or the modern, and much more high tech and minimalistic design. i can’t quite decide which one i like better, the modern vibe, although gorgeous and absolutely to die for – seems like too much effort to keep up. it feels as if i was to live in one it would always have to be perfect and i wouldn’t be able to let loose and actually live in the house. but trust me, i amĀ droolingĀ over them.


now, beach houses utter simplicity and ease of life. with their calm and simple exteriors (sometimes) and also interiors. the thing i Ā love about beach houses is the open plan and the incorporation of the natural world. small incorporations of wood, shells, glass and so much more, so here below are some of my favourite photos of interiors of beach houses.

now i know this has been a crazy amount of photos but i simply couldn’t choose! but anyway, i hope you enjoyed and possibly found some inspiration as did i.

amber, xo.