a little something to do with love.

I wrote this to my lover and thought to share. I think love is the most powerful thing in the world. It draws together two people, two people who have dreamt of finding someone; “the” someone. And when they do it’s better then they could ever imagine. Right now that’s what I’m experiencing and I would never give it up.

“I seriously miss you jack. It’s not what I’ve ever experienced before. It’s not missing as much as it’s a craving and a routine. A part of me. A massive part of me, is you. Without you I have this whole space to be filled and it just doesn’t feel right without you. I don’t think it ever would. You make me happier then I could ever imagine, you make me laugh like I never knew was possible. And you’ve made me love more than I knew was physically and emotionally possible. You bring the best and the worst out of me but it’s okay for me to be at my worst because I know you’re still going to be there stroking my hair and it’s always going to be more than okay, and I hope you know that it’s the same for you. Jack, I say this with the most sureness I have ever established, you’re the one. The perfect man for me, you’re my sunshine, you’re my rainy days filled with comfort and slow warm joy. You’re the person I would change my life for, you’re it jack. And it’s going to be like that forever.”




there are ways of living; sitting and not controlling what you do, sitting and controlling every aspect, enjoying and keeping a brief grasp on your life and enjoying with no cares of how it’s going to lead.

I must admit I’ve been quite reckless, I’ve not been paying attention to how my life is going to turn out. not thinking hard enough or preparing hard enough for university. Not continuing with these hobbies and passions I have of writing and art with the vitality. I’ve become quite, unmotivated you could say.

And that’s the roller coaster of life. Us people, the eccentric and forever evolving people, flow through currents that range between cruelty and tranquility. It’s our job to learn how to push our selves when we feel the lowest of the low, and to not over pride ourselves in a moment of greatness.

I have recently fallen in love with a French proverb:
aide toi le ciel t’aidera
It’s literal translation meaning, “help yourself, and heaven will help you”. Although I am not religious, this proverb has stuck with me for many reasons. I read another translation which went along the lines of: those who help themselves in bad situations will be rewarded. I cannot try to explain how important I think this is, that in the darkest and deepest moments of your life, it will never get better until you help yourself.

those who are upset and down are not weak, remember that.


to the kids who don’t know what to do

there’s this common prestige for those children who know what they are going to do from the age of crazy. when they know, or think they know, what they are going to become or pursue – and do this. they spend their whole lives working up to this and never fathom doing anything else but what their whole life has been about.

personally, i don’t agree with this. im sorry if you do, I’m not trying to insult you or say it’s wrong, i just don’t believe in your life being so about one thing, one job or one passion. and so I write to the kids, the kids who know nothing (like me) about their futures and what they want to do. and let me make one thing clear;

you are not a failure. you are not a disappointment.

theres so much social negativity out upon young people who don’t have a clear mindset of what to do or where to go. that they feel as if they are disappointment or failures, just because they haven’t decided what to do for the rest of their life from the mere age of SEVENTEEN.

i recently finished high school, and in the last two years it was all about applying to universities and choosing what occupation to pursue. out of about 150-180 students, I was one of the group of about 5 who decided to take a gap year. because i think it’s completely impossible to be able to make the one decision which practically chooses what you’re going to do in your life. nowadays its hard to get to the top without a proper degree as education is so highly looked upon. and you can’t go to university for your whole life, many people get one maybe two shots at it and have the ability to change courses or do another course when you’re older. but for the most part, people choose their ‘course’ at the age of a teen and have to stick by this for their whole life. and i’m calling bullshit.

personally, i have no idea what to do in uni. i have 3 ideas running through my mind, but how can i choose what to study when all i’ve studied before is what is manufactured for me into a syllabus to cover ‘everything you need to know’. in school we learnt what needs to be, do what has to be done, and say what has been set for us to say. its a stimulated game of doing what was given to us and trying to succeed with higher than perfect marks. and once we do everything they have told us to do, we have to choose suddenly what to do in life – after having no experience apart from the ‘maths’ ‘arts’ and all those other basic subjects “schools” find so intriguing.

and when someone doesn’t know exactly what they want to do they are shunned by society because they aren’t in control or they aren’t mature. and this isn’t fair. it isn’t fair that we are supposed to make a choice at the age of seventeen that could effect the next seventy years of our life.

and so to those kids who don’t know where or what to do, just take a breather. life isn’t over when you finish school. its just starting. so instead of trying to rush it, take a break and enjoy what is given to you. one day you will be able to make the right choice, and when it comes you will feel so much better.


amber, xx.

cheers to love

for my love – 

it’s a remarkable feeling; love.

the relaxed and yet ever breath taking journey of falling in love, while painful and extremely scary at times, is an experience which none others can compete with. because the harsh reality of love is: that when you open yourself up to someone, along with the fear and pain which you might encounter, you experience a perpetual happiness which you’ve never felt before. and its a beauty, an art. the art of finding someone so incredibly compatible to you that you swear by the fact that you’re soul mates. the reality of it though, is that once you fall in love, you could never imagine your life without it. and its a tug-o-war with your mind and your heart. whether you allow yourself to love someone, or whether you let the fear of losing it all win.

personally, the fear isn’t strong enough to ever make me stop falling in love with him every day. 

the ability to depend on someone, in a comfortable manner, is spectacular. because you trust them with yourself. you devote yourself to one person, hoping that they will hold you tightly in their own embrace and treasure you so highly in their soul and heart. without this close binding between two people, love wouldn’t be what it is. this “strong feeling of affection” is so much more than described as. its life changing. because when you love someone, you learn how to open yourself up for the better, how to love someone for their difficulties and insecurities, how to truly enjoy moments and make memories that will last lifetimes.

theres a certain privilege of being yours. being the one person you trust in so immensely, or want to spend time together. the privilege to be the person you love. it makes me want you to be proud of me and our love. when in love, you will constantly want to do more for the one you love. make them smile more, laugh more, enjoy more. whatever it is, you would do for them.

love, and the astounding emotions and feelings it brings to you. when you meet your other half, you can’t think of how your life would be without them, because without them it seems so much less than even just ordinary. it wouldn’t seem right. i’ve met someone, someone so perfect for me that if i ever lose them i’ll lose a part of myself because he brings out every good part of myself. i’m the best version of myself when you’re around. love makes you happy, it makes you appreciate what you have, and when you don’t have, you can depend on love to make it better. love is the sole reason for life. whether its through a lover, friends, family, passions and even hobbies. if you’re lucky enough to find something or someone you love enough to want to devote your being to make them happy and improve both your and their lives then thats an extraordinary thing.

and this is what you do for me, i love you dearly. 

summer fashion i’m craving to try

with my summer travels over and my long summer stretching into my gap year starting, i’m getting more passionate about fashion and really want to dive into the world of style. while i want to try out so many new fashion trends and inspirations i need to work on my confidence because i find it hard to venture out of my own safety box in fears of being judged. but i know this is silly and i should do anything i want, and so i’m going to show some fashion trends and styles which i’m dying to try out soon, and until then i will merely write and post photos about them.


1. lace bralettes.

lace bralettes are in one word; gorgeous. the delicate material of lace draws intimacy and yet chic-ness to outfits. while i don’t agree with wearing them only, i think wearing a lace bralette under a loose tank, or a backless tank top and so on can be so pretty. its also a way to keep cool because they are so light and airy. you can explore creativeness with lace bralettes too, the beauty of lace will enhance with your body and look utterly stunning.


2. body chains

although rather sexy, body chains can be worn in innocent forms or also in ways to draw attention to the body parts you want to accentuate. over clothes or under, body chains are a simple way to spice up outfits with jewels and thin delicate chains. not only do i love body chains but also head pieces, almost like crowns, beautiful jewels hanging down upon your hair can make you look like a goddess! body chains with bikinis are gorgeous and really make a summer vibe. use colours that compliment your skin tone!


3. dungarees / overalls

the playful and casual fashion trend of overalls is normally kinda hated or loved by society. some see it as try hard farm attire, i personally think its an adapted trend which can now be made fashionable if styled right. its something i really want but find so hard to find a perfect set. living in hong kong theres so many chinese fashion shops which sell such good clothing pieces, but then ruin them with things like star studs, or american flags stitched on, or too many ugly rips or ‘acid stains’ which aren’t fashionably done but instead ruin the piece. and so, i’m not scared to try this look but instead searching for the perfect one!


now i know thats only three trends but they are still trends i want to try, even though i’ve got many more i thought this was enough for now!

if you’ve got any trends you want to try i would love to see them and possibly get inspired too!

much love, amber. xx

planning paris!

So this summer I am lucky enough to be travelling to Koh Samui, England, London and Scotland. I must say the party and relaxing atmosphere of koh samui sounds amazing, especially because it is my graduation trip just after i finish school and i’ll be going with everyone who is graduating pretty much, but the trip i am most excited for is…. PARIS! although i’ve already been (with my family might i just add) this time i’m going for 5 short but just enough days with one of my closest friends. i truly think the experience will be so different this time around, i can’t wait to appreciate the food, intense culture, fabulous fashion and so much more that paris has to offer!

i cannot wait to go to paris and appreciate more the lifestyle of people there. i’ve been once and went to all the basic tourist places so this time i want to live my life and enjoy it while there. i want to focus on fashion and living life to my version of extreme happiness. taking photos, enjoying moments, eating decadent food, being creative with anything. and although it sounds like the typical ‘fashionista’, i want to look chic, fashionable, minimalist and yet daring and just fabulous HAHA!

through sites like tumblr and pinterest, i’ve gathered some ‘inspiration’ and am going to plan some outfits (the last thing you want is to be unprepared in a city you don’t know well, especially such a expensive city like paris :O ) with relevance to some of these photos! bear in mind, this will be like 10 out of hundreds!

1. stipes! i’ve suddenly fell in love with stripes! striped baggy tops with jeans or the perfect striped dress (something i’m really wanting but can’t seem to find). and for some reason stripes just screams european fashion to me! or a cropped tight striped shirt with some high waisted bottoms and a cover up! to die for!

2. patterned coats! although could lead to discomfort due to being hot (can overcome this by tying it around your waist which can be cute), having a simple outfit based on neutral colours and letting the jacket/coat be the main focus can look so good. common items like plaid/floral are good, also a new trend: kimonos, are so popular in the fashion industry right now.

^absolutely love! reminds me of cher from the movie clueless!

3. casual yet chic! outifts which are made from wardrobe essentials but pair together gorgeously! dressed up really well by a plain black pair of stilettos but would still look great with simple black books or any flats!


now when i actually get to and are in paris, i will be blogging NON stop! okay well maybe noting down things and blogging later when i’m not experiencing it in the moment 😉 and will for sure be sharing it with the lovely wordpress community, till then –

much love, amber. xo


beach inspiration

so i really haven’t been doing much since i’ve been home, trying to, revise for my up and coming exams! and i really want this blog to stay up so although i’m not going to be posting about things directly relevant to the daily happenings of my life i will be blogging about trends/fashion/interior design/art and crafts/inspiration and so on! like my previous festival fashion inspiration post, this post is going to be kind of similar, when i’m not having much stuff to blog about i’ll use online or things i’ve seen to blog about instead… if that makes sense which i hope it does.

anyways, today my inspiration is beach houses! i’m getting so excited for summer and i’ve always craved to live in a beach house, at least have one somewhere to be able to live in during the holidays and maybe rent out when i’m not using it, seems to me like a great investment 😉


so, part a – the exterior!

there are two ways you could do up a beach house,

1. the traditional, rustic, slightly run down but still gorgeous old and more naturally resourced exterior! the cool colour accents of the house fit perfectly with the atmosphere and scenery. the natural aspects which are incorporated with materials and slowly fade into with the actual characteristics of the natural world like the sand of the beach.

2. or the modern, and much more high tech and minimalistic design. i can’t quite decide which one i like better, the modern vibe, although gorgeous and absolutely to die for – seems like too much effort to keep up. it feels as if i was to live in one it would always have to be perfect and i wouldn’t be able to let loose and actually live in the house. but trust me, i am drooling over them.


now, beach houses utter simplicity and ease of life. with their calm and simple exteriors (sometimes) and also interiors. the thing i  love about beach houses is the open plan and the incorporation of the natural world. small incorporations of wood, shells, glass and so much more, so here below are some of my favourite photos of interiors of beach houses.

now i know this has been a crazy amount of photos but i simply couldn’t choose! but anyway, i hope you enjoyed and possibly found some inspiration as did i.

amber, xo.